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Have you ever thought about a career as a carer? Carers make up a large workforce population, with 1 in 8 people being a carer. At A1 Care, we believe that it is the most important job a person can have. As a carer, you are the reason why someone’s life has drastically changed for

8 Signs You Need Respite Care

Being a caregiver is an incredibly demanding job. You are not alone in feeling that you sometimes need a break from it. 59% of caregivers report using at least one type of assistance on behalf of the person they are taking care of. This type of assistance can come in the form of respite care.

3 signs your loved one needs a carer

Knowing when your loved one needs a carer is challenging. We want to reassure you that it’s not as easy as many might think. It’s also an incredibly turbulent time deciding if they’re fit to live independently. However, it’s essential to see the signs early as contacting a carer straight away can significantly improve the

UK – the caring land of opportunity

A family of three park their car outside the office of health care company A1 Care in Bournemouth. Out of the car steps a Norwegian man, Erlend Wiggen, and his wife Kine Wiggen, carrying a small baby in her arms. They are clearly on the move, seeing as the car is filled with luggage. Out

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