One of the most stressful areas when it comes to care is working out how you will pay for it. Many people are surprised to learn that there is little, or any, financial support available from the Local Authority and they are therefore responsible for paying for all the care themselves. Many people also massively under estimate the costs of care, and in particular are shocked at the cost of paying for a care home.

State Benefits

Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is a tax-free benefit for people over 65 who have a physical and/or mental disability. It must be severe enough for you to need help caring for yourself. The amount you get depends on how much your disability affects you and there are two rates. Normally, you must have had these care needs for at least six months.

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Disability Living Allowance

Disability Allowance is a tax-free benefit for anyone under 65 who needs help with personal care and/or walking because they are physically and/or mentally disabled. Your disability must be severe enough for you to need help caring for yourself.

You can get Disability Living Allowance whether or not you work and it’s not usually affected by any savings or income you may have. Different rates are paid depending on how your disability affects you.

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Pension Credit

There are two different types of Pension Credit.

Guarantee Credit is for those who have reached the minimum qualifying age and guarantees a minimum income by topping up your weekly income.

Savings Credit is for those who are 65 or over and have made some provision towards their retirement such as savings or a second pension.

These amounts may be more if you are disabled, have caring responsibilities or certain housing costs, such as mortgage interest payments.

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