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By using our Live-in care services, your loved one will have everything they need to help them reclaim their independence and enjoy the life that they deserve.
At A1 Care we offer a comprehensive and transparent Live-in care service, which goes beyond care at home.
By listening and getting to know you, we’ll match you with a carer who will provide care as unique as you, in the home you know and love.

Our Live-in care package contains:
- Personal care (showering, dressing, toileting);
- Housekeeping/Domestic duties (laundry, ironing, dusting and cleaning);
- Companionship;
- Palliative, Parkinson's, After stroke and Dementia care;
- Care for couples;
- Assistance in events, shopping and social gatherings;
- Active 24 hour care.

Live-in Care is Cost Effective

Whilst the cost of Live-in Care is comparable to that of many residential care homes, the one-to-one level of care supplied by a Live-in carer is something that a residential home, however good, simply cannot match.

Live-in care allows you to Stay at Home

Live-in Care allows you, or your loved one, to remain at home with round the clock care. It is inevitable that a close bond will be built with your carer. We see the importance of matching you with the right carer, someone who understands your routines and tailors care to your likes, interests and needs.

Live-in care improves Quality of Life

With the support and companionship of a Live-in carer tailored to your individual needs and outcomes, you will feel less lonely and vulnerable. This in turn often promotes an improvement in your mental and physical well-being.

High level of One-to One Support

You will receive constant care and companionship in a personalised way that is tailored to your needs. Your carer will be flexible to your routine. And you and your carer will have the added support of a dedicated management team with over 10 years of experience within the care sector.

Peace of Mind for you and your family

Live-in care is a perfect solution for your families as well. In addition to the freedom to visit whenever they wish and being as involved as they choose to be, when they can’t visit or are away on holiday they can relax in the knowledge that their loved ones are in our safe hands. We can also provide regular updates from our dedicated management team. They can enjoy their holiday knowing you are not alone.

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