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A1 Care is a proud UK Visas & Immigration Licensed Sponsor for health care workers, helping you to follow your dream of being a health care worker in the beautiful South of England. A1 Care offers Visa Sponsorship for both those being within and outside of the UK!

As part of A1 Care support, we've prepared a relocation package with paid plane tickets, airport pick up and we are even paying for accommodation!

This is a great opportunity, as not too many employers are dealing directly with Home Office as we do. A1 Care is a Direct Sponsor which means that no third parties are involved and NO HIDDEN FEES for the candidates.

A1 Care is providing an exclusive opportunity to give you this all-inclusive package to be a health care worker in the beautiful South of England! We give you the opportunity and resources to follow the UK dream, providing care in the comfort of people's own homes, being an important contributor to the UK health system. A1 Care provides the best possible care and support for people - including those near the end of life, those with dementia, sensory impairment, or learning difficulties - who wish to remain living in their homes.

The visa program can be done both within and outside of the UK. There are two types of Visa:

1. A defined visa is a Sponsorship Visa where A1 Care is a Direct Employer; recruiting for overseas experienced Care Assistants and Registered Nurses holding a full driving license willing to relocate in the UK.
2. An undefined visa Is a visa for you already located in the UK with a need for a visa. Are you in the UK, working as a Carer, or studying and wish to switch your Visa or extend it? We will help you with the undefined visa. Join our Team today!

Overview of the Visa Programme

A Skilled Worker visa allows you to come to or stay in the UK to do an eligible job with A1 Care as the approved employer. (This visa is new with Brexit replacing the Tier 2 (General) work visa.)

A1Care offers:
➢ a step-by-step guide for Defined and Undefined Visa application.
➢ the costs for Visa fees.
➢ relocation in the UK supporting costs for airplane tickets, airport pickups, quarantine program if needed.
➢ help sourcing accommodation in Bournemouth, Poole, and surrounding areas.
➢ Company Car.
➢ Full-time Employment Contract.
➢ The annual salary of £25,600.
➢ Full in-house training for four days.
➢ Three days of shadowing shifts with one of two Seniors.
➢ online training as well as mentoring and 1:1 meeting as part of the 12 weeks Training Programme.