A1 Care - Who are We

A1 Care is a family-run organisation based in Dorset and Hampshire, promoting independence in the comfort of people’s homes through both Domiciliary & Live-in Care Services.

At A1 Care, the company vision, mission and values are passionately shared by the whole company, including the management team with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and human resources industry. Our friendly team works hard to ensure we give all our customers a high-quality, bespoke service. The office team, structured into five departments, works closely with a dedicated team of care supervisors, senior carers and care support workers, all ready to go above and beyond to deliver the person-centred care our clients need. A1 Care's company core values are shared from the top to the bottom of the organization, all our staff members embrace the culture where our client's experience and well-being always come first.

Emphasising empathy and a family-oriented approach, A1 Care is part of a big family with a dedicated division specialised in Live-in Care, a Nursing & Home Care Agency serving Scandinavian Countries, a tailored international recruitment platform, and an operational Recruitment and Training Centre in Eastern Europe.

Having contracts with private customers and local authorities (BCP Council, Hampshire and Dorset Council), we dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional care service within the area. We pride ourselves on keeping safe and independent at home with over 600 clients so far while maintaining the highest standards of professional care provision.

A1 Care

Our clients

Within our home care services organisation, we constantly recognise the uniqueness of each client, acknowledging their tastes, hobbies, and routines, making sure we always deliver  person-centred care.

We carefully pair Care Workers with clients to guarantee a compatible, empathetic, and respectful relationship, which is one of the keys in home care services. Our 1:1, client-focused approach addresses your or your loved ones' care and support needs.

Our skilled and seasoned assessors arrange informal meetings to discuss and assess you or your loved ones' needs and anticipated outcomes. Throughout this session, we clarify our quality assurance measures, ensuring you are consistently well-informed about what to expect from our care services.

A1 Care Location & Services

A1 Care operates three South England offices, providing extensive local care services throughout the Dorset region and a franchise that covers Ipswich area

With our initial office in Bournemouth at BH8 8TW and an expanded location in Wareham at BH20 4DY, we effectively serve the Purbeck area and its surroundings with customised care solutions. From the 11th of September, we have a brand new office opening in Dorchester.

We serve Hampshire for Live-In Care services, too.

As a trusted domiciliary and live-in care provider, we dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional care services, tailored to the unique needs of our community members.

Moreover, our specialised Live-in Care division caters to the Dorset and Hampshire regions, focusing on offering continuous, personalised support for clients who need round-the-clock care in their own homes. We provide live-in care services such as daily living activities assistance, medication management, mobility support, meal preparation, and housekeeping to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for clients.

Our compassionate and experienced team members possess expertise in addressing various care needs, including personal care, companionship, dementia care, respite care etc. We take pride in crafting flexible and customised care plans to enhance our clients and their family's quality of life.

Contact us today for a free complimentary assessment to discover our extensive range of local care services and identify the ideal solution for your loved ones. Let us help you establish a support system that fosters independence and high quality of life while providing the peace of mind that your loved ones receive care from genuinely caring professionals.

You can expect the highest standard of at-home care and Live-in care

As a licensed and supervised home care organisation in Hampshire and Dorset area, we adhere to the standards set forth by the Care Quality Commissio(CQC), the UK's leading authority overseeing domiciliary care services.

We undergo regular, unannounced CQC inspections to ensure that our home care service  consistently delivers top-quality care in the home.

Thanks to this regulatory framework, we maintain strict compliance with  CQC's guidelines and independent evaluations of our provided care and the caregivers we employ.

Our dedication to domiciliary care distinguishes us from other providers who function as referral services without regulation. Our primary focus is to improve our client's quality of life and promote their independence by providing personalised, 24/7 at-home care support within the familiarity and comfort of their homes.

Our bespoke care plans cater to each individual's unique requirements, making us one of the best home care providers in the UK, you can check out our rating on Home Care.

Contact A1 Care

Our compassionate and experienced team members possess expertise in addressing various care needs. Including personal care, companionship, dementia care, and respite care etc. We take pride in crafting flexible and customised care plans to enhance our clients and their family's quality of life.

Contact us today for a free complimentary assessment to discover our extensive range of local care services and identify the ideal solution for your loved ones. Let us help you establish a support system that fosters independence and high quality of life while providing the peace of mind that your loved ones receive care from genuinely caring professionals.

BOURNEMOUTH 📞 Main Line 01202 122 022

Kristyna Justova

Care Coordinator

After leaving my home country, the Czech Republic, I travelled a little around Europe before coming to England six years ago. In the beginning I came here for just a couple months to improve my English, but soon fell in love with the country.

Most of my work experience has come from the hospitality industry although I have worked in others including logistics and manufacturing at times. Fortunately, I have developed skills that enabled me to be promoted into management positions within all these industries.

During the early days of the Covid pandemic, I found myself looking for a new work opportunity and a friend suggested the care industry. Initially as a domiciliary care worker I was surprised how fulfilling the job was. A desire grew within me to make a career in health care, combining all the professional abilities I have gained over the years.

As Care Coordinator, I am dedicated to the organisation and delivery of high-quality care services to service users with our team of professional care workers. Whilst this role can be very challenging at times, I am thrilled to find myself here at A1 Care!

Veronica De Crescenzo

Welfare Officer

I moved over to England from Italy. I started off my career in the catering industry to help improve my English which helped me immensely.

I then felt confident to further develop my skills and branch out into the care industry. I became a care support worker over 16 years ago which I thoroughly enjoyed. Whilst in this post I completed my NVQ level 3.

I went on the change companies and was employed as a senior carer. I completed my team leader NVQ and care certificate assessors’ award. I was responsible for completing reviews, spot checks, and assessing new carers’ care certificates, including observations. Also addressing and issues with the client care plans.

It was within this role I developed my managerial skills and established a natural talent. I assisted with the development of an effective induction program which helped ensure the professional development of each employee. I worked closely with social workers, occupational therapists, council brokerage teams, and other health care professionals. I had a proven ability to monitor and review care packages.

When I joined A1 Care I was employed as a Care Certificate Assessor and supervisor, my role was gradually developed to my skills and I am now the Welfare Manager. I am incredibly happy in this role as it gives me a happy balance of managing the carers and being in regular contact with our clients.

Csaba Gyarfas

Finance Manager

Through my work experience, I’ve had proven to be mature and reliable, with minimal flaws and who inspires the people around, with a strong focus and degree in management and economy.

I accumulated professional work experience working alongside other managers to plan and direct the work of the organization, in different departments to gain perspective, including marketing, sales, customer services, purchasing, merchandising, and personnel departments. Handled and established accounts to gain familiarity.

Participated with the management board in interviewing, hiring, and training employees. Use company reports to analyze sales, gross profit, and inventory. Worked with and through management to develop and implement actions that protect company assets and profitability.

I productively and efficiently plan my priorities and strategically waste no time. I maintain positive relationships between all staff and customers in both high & low-volume, fast & slow-paced operations. I joined the A1 Care team due to a change of circumstances happening worldwide during the pandemic, affecting my professional development, I understood straight away that I will need to start and readapt to a new industry.

I started my employment as a care support worker, from the beginning of my employment I realized that having my vast experience in a different industry is not going to pause or affect my development and progress as a professional or individual, on contrary this industry will give me the opportunity to use or transfer all my skills that accumulated over the years, providing me a much better work-life balance. My mature and reliable approach from the beginning of my employment as a care support worker, lead me to CARE and liaise, communicate really efficiently and accurately between the management board, service users, and my care support worker colleagues. After 3 months’ probationary period, spent on the front line and leading by example, I’ve had been invited into an interview by the management board, and have had offered the Finance Administrator position.
The position which I’ve had proudly accepted and felt comfortable with. Possessing a combined analytical and intuitive approach to strategy development and implementation, I was overseeing the financial activities of the business, administrative and clerical tasks, being responsible for the accounts of the organization, also perform budget and payroll dealing, inventory management, invoicing, and customer service.

After a period of six months as a finance administrator, I slowly started to implement my well-developed abilities to identify, analyze and mitigate risks, map out decision-making processes and deliver solutions to the management board.

All of these excellent track records of leadership, interpersonal skills, and effective team management based on trust, integrity, and transparency, leads me to my most recent promotion, as A1 Care Finance Manager

Sorina Puscas

Registered Manager

I am a dedicated and talented professional, with suitable qualifications, skills and experience, acting as a new Registered Manager.

With an extensive experience of over 8 years of working with vulnerable adults, and people with special needs, including mental and physical disabilities, I take pride and joy in being dedicated to delivering a bespoke home care service, looking to continuously improve the service provided to all our service users and to facilitate the ideal work environment for our amazing employees through effective leadership and motivate the team I am working with.

In the past 4 years, I have been in a managerial position within A1 Care. I am very proud to say that this is the first workplace with real progression opportunities. Here I received full support for my professional growth, the trust I received as well as my skills and being valued as an employee have contributed to fulfilling my dream of becoming a Registered Manager.