Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update


Coronavirus (covid-19) Update

High standards of hygiene from our care staff

It's been three years since the start of the pandemic, and whilst there are no restrictions in place anymore, we know many of our clients and those looking into our services will want to know what we're doing to keep your loved ones safe. So, this is our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update, post-pandemic. 

We will always take our caring responsibilities extremely seriously. We keep up-to-date with official advice, ensuring all our staff understand and follow the latest Covid-19 guidance for social or community care and residential settings.

Our care and support staff always maintain high hygiene standards and follow robust infection control guidelines, given that we care for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Those we care for regularly participate in handwashing and inform us about coughs, sneezes, and illnesses. 

We keep our clients' homes clean. The wellbeing of our clients and staff is still our highest priority.

In addition, in our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update, we would like you to know that we still wear masks when appropriate, keep the environments well ventilated and test our staff when needed.

We also follow best practices regarding living safely with Covid-19 and respiratory infections.

And, for our carers, we follow guidance for social care workers.


Policies and procedures in place

We are monitoring all our services and receiving regular updates from managers and staff on their wellbeing and that of the people they support. 

For those advised or who choose to self-isolate, we support them to live safely and comfortably and arrange essential shopping/deliveries where appropriate. 

We want to reassure people that we have robust policies and procedures, including business continuity and contingency planning with our public sector health and social care partners, as underlined in the Department of Health's coronavirus action plan post-pandemic. 

Our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update is to reassure you that your loved one is safe, and we continue to do everything we can to minimise infections from Covid-19 and other illnesses.

The Department of Health and Social Care is still distributing supplies of face masks and other essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to all care providers. A1 Care is always fully equipped to continue to care for those who have or are suspected of having Coronavirus-type symptoms, and care and support staff will ensure all PPE is worn and disposed of in line with current guidance.


General Coronavirus hygiene principles

The general hygiene principles everyone should be following include:

  • Washing your hands often – with soap and water (or using alcohol sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol if handwashing facilities are not available) – this is particularly important after taking public transport
  • Covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin
  • Employees washing their hands:
    • before leaving home
    • on arrival at work
    • after using the toilet
    • after breaks and sporting activities
    • before food preparation
    • before eating any food, including snacks
    • before leaving work
    • on arrival at home
    • before and after any care activity with clients (care staff)
    • avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
    • cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched objects and surfaces


Coronavirus (covid-19) UpdateIf you would like to research official guidance yourself, we have compiled a list for you:

Carers UK

Gov UK

Should you have any questions or want additional information on how A1 Care fights against Coronavirus, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thank you for trusting us with your loved ones, and we hope our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update helps to reassure you.

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