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Home care services | Domiciliary & Live-In Care - 2 Week Trial

Are you looking for a home care provider? A1 offers a unique 2-week trial, so you and your loved ones can enjoy living safely and independently at home!Find out more below!

About A1 Care - There is no place like home!

We specialise in home care services, providing both Domiciliary Care and 24/7 Live-in care services in Dorset. This includes quality home care for both the vulnerable and the elderly, less capable and disabled. We care for your or your loved ones' needs with our team of thoroughly screened and highly trained carers. Our goal is to deliver the utmost level of home care, allowing you to enjoy your independence within the comfort of your familiar environment. We have already proudly served over 700 clients at home!

Flexible and affordable home care services

At A1 Care, we are committed to providing a quality home care service with shared values, high expectations and long-term commitment to providing you with Person-Centred Care that will ensure your desired outcomes are our main aim.Whether you are looking for temporary support or have a complex need requiring 24/7 home care service, we can arrange a free assessment within 24 hours of your enquiry and a 48-hour package start.Home care service costs are generally lower than living in a care home, allowing a tailored 1:1 person-centred care approach.

Why Choose Home Care Services?

Home care services provide assistance and promote independence in the comfort and security of people's homes; this reduces anxiety and overwhelms the care services needed. It also means you or your loved one receive personalised Domiciliary Care or 24/7 Live-in care services. For complex care, our tailored round-the-clock care enables you to receive the care you need whenever you require it! Opting for home care presents a practical and cost-effective alternative to residing in a nursing home, enabling you to retain control over your desires and independence.

Why choose A1 Care?

A1 Care's vision, mission, and values are wholeheartedly embraced by our team, including our management team, which boasts over two decades of experience in the healthcare, recruitment, and training sectors. Our customized recruitment, training, and mentoring program empower our dedicated caregivers to consistently provide exceptional service.Our home care service stays at the forefront of care technology , providing real-time access to the care delivered so our clients and local authorities can any time confirm our outstanding service. The positive reviews and testimonials from our clients serve as the most compelling evidence of the high standard of care we deliver.

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Care homes aren't the only option! You can avoid them by choosing our bespoke home care services

We believe home care is the way forward.

You or your loved one may start finding day-to-day tasks difficult, such as: personal care, medication administration, basic housekeeping, food preparation, etc.

But did you know that you don't have to settle for a care home?

Not only is it more affordable to opt for either domiciliary care or 24/7 live-in care service, it means you or your loved one can continue to live independently and in the familiarity of your own homes.

Receiving care in your or your loved ones' homes means:

  • A tailored and specialised home care package for all needs.
  • Continued family involvement (if you wish).
  • Increase in happiness, comfort and avoiding mental health issues.
  • Comfortable living in your own surroundings.
  • Specialised carers when you need them. You or your loved one are their only priority during the visit.

Our speciality at A1 Care is in providing affordable, domiciliary care and live-in care across the BCP and Dorset area, as an alternative to care homes, allowing you or your loved one to live your lives how you want.

Do you want proof of our excellent services? Read our authentically accredited reviews by HomeCare. Our care clients officially submit them, and an independent third party make sure they are all genuine reviews.

Home Care Services: all you need to know

Do you need help determining what at-home care is?

Or, in what circumstances to consider it, and what does having a qualified and trained domiciliary or a live-in carer entail?

Home Care services can be a perfect solution in a lot of situations. We personalise our visiting care or 24/7 live-in care services to every single, different and unique person's needs. Home Care Services, sometimes called “at-home help” or home care support, is care provided in your or your loved ones' home to help you keep your independence in your desired surroundings.

A home caregiver will come on pre-arranged set visits at the time that  suits you or your loved one. You can choose from 15-min welfare check to 30-min, 45-min or 60-minute care visits, including block hours care, sleeping nights, waking nights or even 24/7 live-in care option. During their visit, our trained caregivers will follow a pre-set person-centred care plan built together with you to cover all of your or your loved ones' need.

Or, if opting for Live-in Care, this would entail a qualified carer coming to permanently live in your or your loved ones' home to support the needs whenever necessary. This home care option is for those who can not live independently, and need round-the-clock care, on a 24/7 basis.

A1 Care provides high-end Vising Care  and Live-In Carer Services within the BCP and Dorset areas and have won awards that recognise the good practice embraced across all our departments from the top to the bottom of our organisation chart.

Our alternatives to Nursing Homes and Care Homes may involve Domiciliary Care Services, regular visits or Live-in Care Services 24/7 permanent care from one of our home care workers, well-trained and supervised to provide the following set of outstanding services:

  • Personal Care;
  • Meal Preparation At Home;
  • Domestic Tasks;
  • Shopping;
  • Toileting;
  • Overnight and Day Sitting;
  • Companionship and Social Activities;
  • Medication Management and Administration;
  • Home from Hospital and rapid response;
  • End of Life Care;
  • Continuing and complex care;
  • Care for couples.

How to choose the right Home Care provider

When choosing the right Home Care provider, it's essential to do your research and consider various factors. If you're debating whether you or your loved one needs care at home, read our blog about signs of needing home care services.

Then, you should look for a reputable home care agency with a good track record of providing high-quality care services, and we pride ourselves in this at A1 Care.

This can be achieved by reading one of our dozens genuine online reviews, and requesting referrals from local authorities and clients across Dorset, Dorchester, Hampshire, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) area as well as Dorset Council.

Another important factor to consider is the range of services the home care agency offers. And you should choose a domiciliary care agency offering a wide range of services that meet your or your loved ones' needs and requirements.

For example, if you require specialised care at home for a medical condition or complex care, you should look for a home care agency with experience and in-house training facilities to ensure all its carers receive the necessary onboarding and yearly refreshment training. A1 Care’s Registered Manager is also a qualified trainer, delivering a comprehensive in-house training program that guarantees a top-quality service for any type of home care service we provide.

Knowing that you or your loved one is receiving care from qualified and experienced professionals can give you peace of mind.

Having a robust recruitment system in place, A1 Care has embedded one of the most thorough recruitment processes on the market with a pre screening process done by at least 2 A1 Care HR professionals: enhanced DBS check, full employment history, 2 professional references, etc - all of them to ensure the right carers will look after you or your loved ones.

To ensure quality is always at the heart of  a home care agency, all the providers should be registered with the Care Quality Commission, the regulatory body in the healthcare industry.

Home Care Services & Live-in Care Services: Continuity and Quality

A1 Care is working closely with regulatory bodies, local authorities and local healthcare experts to ensure we adapt successfully to future challenges so that our care clients can continue to receive high-quality, sustainable services of choice in their homes and community

To ensure the quality of our Home Care Services, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission for the following regulated activities:

  • Personal care
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
  • Caring for adults over 65 years
  • Caring for adults under 65 yrs
  • Dementia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental health conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Sensory impairments
  • Substance misuse problems

At A1 Care, we have an effective governance and system to check the quality and safety of our Home Care Services. We comply with the CQC fundamental standards to improve our services and reduce risks to our service users' health, safety and welfare whilst embracing cutting-edge technologies in the healthcare industry.

Affordability of At-Home Care

We've put together a blog about affording at-home and live-in care services!

Home Care Services: all you have to know!

Many people are unsure exactly what care at home is, in what circumstances to consider it and what having a domiciliary or a live-in carer entails, but care at home can be a perfect solution in a lot of situations.
We personalise our services to every single, different and unique person’s needs

Home Care Services sometimes called home help or home support is care provided in your own home to help you keep your independence in the surroundings you desire.
It may involve Domiciliary Care Services regular visits or Live-in Care Services 24/7 permanent care from one of our home care worker, well-trained and supervised to provide outstanding services:

● Personal Care

● Meal Preparation At Home

● Domestic Tasks

● Shopping

● Toileting

● Overnight and Day Sitting

● Companionship and Social Activities

● Medication Management and Administration

● Home from Hospital and rapid response

● End of Life Care

● Continuing and complex care

● Care for couples

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