Housekeeping - Domiciliary Care Services

Housekeeping - Domiciliary Care


Discover Premium Housekeeping Services with A1 Care's Domiciliary Carers

A1 Care proudly provides exceptional domiciliary care services customised to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Inside our domiciliary care package, we include regular house maintenance and housekeeping. 

We design our housekeeping services to ensure a clean, safe, and comfortable living environment, which allows you to maintain your independence and enjoy the highest quality of life.

Why housekeeping is essential for those who receive care

Housekeeping within domiciliary care offers numerous benefits. 

Firstly, it supports a clean and safe environment for the client, reducing the risk of infection, accidents and falls. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the living space help maintain good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs.

Secondly, housekeeping services enable individuals with limited mobility, disabilities or chronic illnesses to maintain their independence at home. They can continue living comfortably without worrying about the physical demands of cleaning and maintaining their living space.

Furthermore, housekeeping support can alleviate stress on family members or carers juggling multiple responsibilities. By delegating housekeeping tasks to professionals, they can focus on providing emotional support and companionship to their loved ones.

Domiciliary care with housekeeping can contribute to overall mental well-being. A clean, clutter-free environment can positively affect an individual's mood and reduce stress, contributing to a higher quality of life for the care recipient.

We can personalise the housekeeping services to suit the specific needs and preferences of the individual. This tailored approach ensures the person's unique requirements are met, creating a comfortable and supportive living environment.

Comprehensive service

Our professional carers possess the training to deliver an extensive range of housekeeping services within domiciliary care, such as:

  • General cleaning: We help you maintain a spotless living space with regular dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.
  • Laundry and ironing: Our carers take care of your laundry, including washing, drying, and ironing.
  • Bed-making and linen changing: We provide the comfort of freshly made beds and clean linens.
  • Kitchen maintenance: We maintain your kitchen in top condition with services like washing up, appliance cleaning, and worktop sanitisation.
  • Bathroom cleaning: We create a sparkling clean bathroom by handling the scrubbing, disinfecting, and tidying.
  • Decluttering and organising: Our team helps you create an orderly and functional living environment by decluttering and organising your belongings.
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation: We offer personalised meal plans and assistance with grocery shopping, ensuring you enjoy nutritious and delicious meals daily.

Reasons to Choose A1 Care for Housekeeping Services

By entrusting your housekeeping needs to our domiciliary carers, you can expect the following:

  • Personalised care plans
  • Experienced and dedicated carers
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • 24/7 support
  • Competitive pricing

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