A1 Care is a project developed by Work Experience Ltd, a family business and a dedicated humans resources company specialized in providing bespoke personnel solutions for clients along the United States and European countries.
We are operating our own online Recruitment Data Base, consisting of almost 200.000 candidates from different sectors, covering medical, hospitality, industry, transportation and engineering field.
With a dedicated team of 22 professional recruiters, operating 3 offices in Eastern Europe and our headquarters in Poole, UK, for over 18 years we provide staffing solutions at all career levels, from the top-ranking to entry-level as per our client's requirements.
A1 Care was created to continue our journey to excellence, work even closer with our candidates and end-users to make a difference in their lives: shaping talents willing the embrace care industry and providing a high end, person-centred care service to people who want to remain independent at home.

Wareham A1 Care


Csaba Gyarfas

Deputy Manager, Direct Line 📞 01202 112934

Through my work experience, I’ve had proven to be mature and reliable, with minimal flaws and who inspires the people around, with a strong focus and degree in management and economy.

I accumulated professional work experience working alongside other managers to plan and direct the work of the organization, in different departments to gain perspective, including marketing, sales, customer services, purchasing, merchandising, and personnel departments. Handled and established accounts to gain familiarity.

Participated with the management board in interviewing, hiring, and training employees. Use company reports to analyze sales, gross profit, and inventory. Worked with and through management to develop and implement actions that protect company assets and profitability.

I productively and efficiently plan my priorities and strategically waste no time. I maintain positive relationships between all staff and customers in both high & low-volume, fast & slow-paced operations. I joined the A1 Care team due to a change of circumstances happening worldwide during the pandemic, affecting my professional development, I understood straight away that I will need to start and readapt to a new industry.

I started my employment as a care support worker, from the beginning of my employment I realized that having my vast experience in a different industry is not going to pause or affect my development and progress as a professional or individual, on contrary this industry will give me the opportunity to use or transfer all my skills that accumulated over the years, providing me a much better work-life balance. My mature and reliable approach from the beginning of my employment as a care support worker, lead me to CARE and liaise, communicate really efficiently and accurately between the management board, service users, and my care support worker colleagues. After 3 months’ probationary period, spent on the front line and leading by example, I’ve had been invited into an interview by the management board, and have had offered the Finance Administrator position.
The position which I’ve had proudly accepted and felt comfortable with. Possessing a combined analytical and intuitive approach to strategy development and implementation, I was overseeing the financial activities of the business, administrative and clerical tasks, being responsible for the accounts of the organization, also perform budget and payroll dealing, inventory management, invoicing, and customer service.

After a period of six months as a finance administrator, I slowly started to implement my well-developed abilities to identify, analyze and mitigate risks, map out decision-making processes and deliver solutions to the management board.

All of these excellent track records of leadership, interpersonal skills, and effective team management based on trust, integrity, and transparency, leads me to my most recent promotion, as A1 Care | Deputy Manager.


Sorina Puscas

HR and Recruitment Officer, Direct Line 📞 01929 209839

My journey in care started in 2015, after 2 years of attending nursing school in Romania and completing a degree in Social Psychology of Children. I worked in residential care and then relocated from London to Dorset. After a very nervous start in domiciliary care, I went on to take to it like a duck to water. After 2 weeks I knew the care industry was the perfect fit. Being a carer allows me to share my kindness and gives me the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different health conditions and enjoy hearing people’s life stories.

Within the company I worked for, I was offered a position in the Rapid Response department, and within a couple of months, I was offered the role of Coordinator. As much as I enjoyed developing my knowledge it soon became apparent to me this was not the right environment for my skill set.

I went on to work closely with people with learning disabilities which opened my eyes to the full extent of the care industry. It was a highly emotional job at times but one a learned a great deal from.

I worked a season at a children’s holiday park where I was soon promoted to team leader which meant I also became involved with the financial part of the business.

I then worked as agency staff to broaden my experiences; I worked in the domiciliary sector, care home, and as an HCA in the hospitals.

The opportunity to work with A1 Care came at just the right time for me. It soon became apparent this agency would provide me with the right environment and tools to develop in my career in the way I wanted. The management team supports me at each step and there is trust shared by all parties. It was identified my skills were best suited in and I am pleased to have found a job that I love.


You can expect a Person-Centred approach to your care and support needs. We will provide an informal meeting to discuss and assess your needs and desired outcomes with professional, experienced assessors.
At this meeting, we will explain our quality assurance procedures to also ensure you are aware of what to expect from our service at ALL TIMES.


Our main office is located in Bournemouth, BH8 8TW, covering the whole BCP area. With our Wareham branch, we are pleased to be able to serve the Purbeck area and the surroundings. We have a dedicated Live-in Care division, covering Dorset and Hampshire area. Contact us today for a free assessment.


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