A1 Care Ipswich is CQC registered

Ipswich home care agency is registered for regulated activities of personal care and treatment of disease, disorder, and injury in UK, including Ipswich. This means that we are able to provide nursing service.


Rares Istrate

Registered Manager, Direct Line 📞 01473 806640

I have vast and valuable experience working as a nurse in NHS hospitals, community care services, and care homes, providing specialized palliative, end of life, dementia care as well as highly dependent medical care.

This along with my nursing and managerial equips me for the job of running a care agency and providing suitably qualified staff to provide high-quality health care services. I have vast expertise in running two successful companies I founded, owned, and managed before moving to the UK a few years ago.

I am a registered nurse and a professional who is passionate about nursing medical care and making a difference in the lives of patients. My experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm make me more than suitable for managing the nursing and care service which will be provided by the company. I lead by example, and I am sure I can provide guidance and support to local teams in all areas ensuring the highest levels of care and support are provided to all service users.

My aim is to complete the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership of Health Care Services for adults ensuring good guidance around adhering and monitoring of CQC regulations and requirements, safeguarding, and care planning. I am a creative confident individual with a flexible attitude, high integrity, and loyalty; with a wide range of abilities at both operational and strategic levels.

I am self-motivated and resourceful with the ability to produce ideas for successful problem solving and problem avoidance. I lead by example and believe that a good manager motivates and nurtures their staff by creating a can-do, exciting, and successful environment. I have excellent communication, organizational skills, and the drive and energy to achieve.

What is home care in Ipswich?

Home nursing is nursing care that is provided in a home environment, rather than in a medical facility. There are many circumstances in which people require home care ranging from people who are temporarily incapacitated to people who require long-term nursing care at home (inclujding dementia care)

A1 Care Home Care Agency

Unique and tailored home care & live in care services for Ipswich patients

The level of care involved in-home nursing is tailored to the needs of the patient. Some nurses simply visit the service user in their home one or more times a day to perform nursing tasks that cannot be done by other caregivers, ( i. e: insulin administration) or to check on the patient's wellbeing if no other caregivers are being used. In other cases, home nursing the type of 1-1 care or live-in position, might be an option for individuals who no longer require a hospital stay but still require assistance with nursing requirements, such as dressings or administration of injections, or because the patient requires constant monitoring and care.

Some people choose home nursing because they are strongly opposed to staying in a hospital or similar treatment facility. If a doctor feels that the patient would do just as well or better at home, he or she will allow the patient to go home. In other instances, doctors may actively recommend home care, or family members may express a desire to take care of a patient at home. As long as a patient is stable and at low risk of complications or sudden medical emergencies, at-home nursing can be an excellent care option.

Home nurses administer medications, assist with physical therapy, check on surgical sites, supplementary feeding tubes, and medical devices, to make sure that everything is working smoothly. They often help with basic patient care like bathing, assistance with going to the bathroom, and so forth. Home nurses may also escort their patients on trips outside the house, ensuring that someone is available if the patient has a sudden medical need.

For someone with a network of caregivers, home nursing ensures that critical medical procedures are performed properly. Some people also prefer to use a home nurse( visiting nurse) for tasks that they find humiliating or uncomfortable, such as assistance with going to the bathroom. Home nurses also look out for patient welfare, using their medical training to identify cases in which a patient might be better-served by hospital care or more intensive nursing.

Other tasks that home nurse will be dealing with:

  • Completing an initial carers assessment with you alongside a local live in care manager.
  • Liaising with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) and Continued Health Care (CHC) funding panels if your care is wholly or partly funded by the NHS or local authority.
  • Working closely with other medical professionals involved in your care, such as social workers.
  • Find a suitable carer that has the relevant skills and experience in your care needs.
  • Providing bespoke training to a chosen carer if they need upskilling for your specific health condition.
  • Contributing to a fully comprehensive support plan that includes medication, health condition(s), personal care, and hobbies & interests.
  • Visits to check that your care plan is up to date and to see how you are.

How the service will be planned

1. Care coordinator

Each service user (and their families/representatives) will be assigned a care coordinator (nurse/or senior carer). It can start with an initial phone call where information on how the service works, an estimated cost, and answer to possible questions that the person enquiring can have.

2. Organizing

The second step is organizing care needs assessment of the individual to determine exactly what the choices of the service user are, what expected outcomes are, and how this will be managed.

3. The package

Creating and booking the care package, finding suitable staff

4. Monitoring your care

We will ensure that the service we deliver will meet your needs by keeping in contact with your nominated person, ensuring that the care provided is efficiently delivered, to your satisfaction, and at the same time will ensure if your needs are changing we review our services to your needs.

5. Service supervision

The company acknowledges that the service is personal to you and we want to ensure at all times the required outcomes are met. Therefore we will carry out regular supervision checks to ensure that staff is adhering to care plans, that there are no issues in care delivery and you as a service user feel supported and happy with the program.

A1 Care Ipswich

OUR CLIENTS in Ipswich

You can expect a Person-Centred approach to your care and support needs. We will provide an informal meeting to discuss and assess your needs and desired outcomes with professional, experienced assessors.

At this meeting, we will explain our quality assurance procedures to also ensure you are aware of what to expect from our service at ALL TIMES.

LOCATION in Ipswich

Our office is located in Unit 1 Penny Corner, Farthing Road, Ipswich, IP15AP and we can serve Ipswich and surrounding areas up to a 20 miles radius.Our clients can be anyone over the age of 18. Contact us today for a free assessment.

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